17th (Northern) Division


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10/West Yorkshires formed at York Sept. 3rd 1914

7/East Yorkshires formed at Beverley Aug. 14th 1914

7/Yorkshire formed at Richmond Sept. 14th 1914

6/Dorsets formed at Dorchester Sept.6th 1914


50th Brigade

10/West Yorkshires
7/East Yorkshires

All battalions were K2 apart from the East Yorkshire who were K1.

The 7th Yorkshire (Green Howards) battalion was disbanded on February 19th 1918 and its officers and men sent to the 6th, 12th and 13th  battalions within the Regiment. A sad end that was shared by many battalions in the manpower crisis of 1918. (See link)


50th Bde. Machine Gun Corps. Became 17th MG Battalion in February 1918.

50th Trench Mortar Battery

The 7th York and Lancaster battalion left the brigade in March 1915 and became the divisional pioneers. Many miners had enlisted in the northern battalions and the 7th York and Lancs who had formed at Pontefract were found to have the largest number of these skilled workers. They were therefore converted into a pioneer battalion with officers transferred to it who could carry with them skills from their civil occupations.



The 7th York and Lancaster battalion

The manpower crisis. An article by Chris Baker on the Long, long trail.

order of battle

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